Thursday, September 07, 2006

Writing Portfolio


Writing Abilities; Non-Fiction, Fiction, Newsletters, Articles, White Papers, Analyses, Essays, Editorials.

Other Skills: Design and Composition, Musical Composition, Inventions, Application and Software Skills, Brokerage and Contacts Networking

Synoptic Description: Writing is not a skill developed within the mind, but is developed by exposure to the world. Experience is developed through interaction with a wide range of activities and occupations. That experience translates to an understanding of the world, and the capability of action necessary to accomplish valuable and necessary objectives in the world.

A writer is far more than his thoughts and his imagination; he is the collection of his experiences, his detailed observations, his innovation, his insight gained from years of varied pursuits. These pursuits have given me a deep base of materials, ideas, experiences, and subject matter by which to develop well-crafted and knowledgeable articles of non-fiction as well as realistic and believable fiction.

If you desire to employ a writer who will not only develop and design the proper written materials for your needs, but is also capable of drawing upon a reservoir of applicable personal experiences and excellent research in order to address your needs in the most direct and efficient manner possible, then I am your man.

Portfolio Title: Grapharium

Name: Jack

Telephone Number: Available Upon Request

Cell Phone Number: Available Upon Request

Fax: Available Upon Request


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Disciplines: Business, Psychology, General Science, Religion, Crime and Criminal Affairs (Case-work, Criminology, and Criminalistics) Military and Intelligence Affairs, Politics.

Experience: I have over 25 years experience as a writer, having produced articles, papers, essays, white papers, reports, and other writings since I was a reporter and editor for my school newspaper. I have also been writing fictional stories for over 20 years. I have worked as both a Freelance Writer and Correspondent.

Specialties: Articles and Reports. Non-fiction of all kinds. Editing. Research and Investigations. Interviews. Fiction.

Compensation: Rate depends upon the assignment.

Clients: (partial list of previous clients and employers) Sunbelt, Gregory’s Clinical Care, Hillside Baptist Church, New Hope Mortgage, Smith and Wilson, Barton Security, OPIC, Saint Paul’s Catholic Church, Mentor, Generations, Czech Consulting Group, Roadhouse, SCORE, Bednar and Co. Real Estate

Publications: Newspapers, Trade Magazines, Popular Magazines, Private and Special Reports, Marketing Publications, Fiction Publications and Online Material.

Special Skills: Various Applications and Software Programs including Office and Writing Suites, Editing Programs, Website, Newsletter and Blog Creation Programs, Graphic Programs, Musical Composition Programs, Presentation Programs, Mapping, Scientific, Business and Publication Programs. Some familiarity with basic programming.

Familiarity with and access to personal office equipment including; fax machines, scanners, copiers, desktop computers, laptop computers, printers, digital cameras (still), video cameras, tape and digital recorders, dictation machines and software.

Additional Services: Research, Journalistic Articles, Editing, Blog and Website Creation as well as Graphic Design, Photography and Film Work. Contacts, Research and Business Networking.

Awards: Various Writing and Guild Awards and Competition Prizes for Non-Fiction, Fiction, and Poetry.


“Jack is the best researcher I have ever met.”

Bear Smith, Smith and Wilson

“Jack did a comprehensive article on the history of our church. I highly recommend his work. He gives great attention to detail.”

Pastor Howard, Hillside Church

“Jack is an excellent interviewer and Freelance writer.”

New Hope

WORK SAMPLES AND CLIPS: Representatives Samples and Clips of my work are available upon this website as well as on my other various websites and blogs. Other samples are available upon request. All works are copyrighted, registered or trademarked JWG, Jr., 1985-2006, unless protected under one of my business entities.

CONTACT: I may be contacted by email, telephone, through one of my blogs or websites, or by letter for assignment or additional information.

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