Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Biographical Information

This section is designed to provide a short biographical and informative business sketch that clients can use to gain more information about my freelance work capabilities.

Education: I attended three Colleges and one University during my formal academic career. I read in and studied during my academic career the following subjects: Psychology and Education, Archaeology, Physics, and Religion and Philosophy.

Employment: I have had a number of employments in a diverse range of industries and fields, including: Security, Education, Transportation, Psychology, Investigations, Marketing, and Medicine. I have in the past owned a Brokerage Business and currently own a Consulting Business as well as a Freelance Writing Business.

Capabilities: My Writing Capabilities include, but are not limited to –

Non-Fictional Articles, Piece Work
Reports and Analyses
Essays, White Papers, Theory Papers, Academic Papers
Fictional Works
Editing and Copywriting
Website Content Construction and Development
Blogsite Construction and Development as well as Blogsite Article Writing
Humor and Entertainment Articles
Satirical Works
Dramatic and Comedic Works and Scripts for various Media
Artistic, Design and Graphic Work including Logo Design
Business and Marketing Materials
Political Writings on Local, Regional, National and International Affairs

In addition to these capabilities I also have access to two personal offices and to various office and business equipment that increases the speed and efficiency of my work. This equipment includes; 2 personal desktop computers, 1 laptop computer, 3 printers, fax machine/copier, answering machines, numerous tape recorders, binoculars, microphones, telephones, cell phone, digital camera (still), 35 millimeter film cameras, video camera, dictation software, and various other items.

Special Skills: Various Applications and Software Programs including Office and Writing Suites, Editing Programs, Website, Newsletter and Blog Creation Programs, Graphic Programs, Musical Composition Programs, Presentation Programs, Mapping, Scientific, Business and Publication Programs. Some familiarity with basic programming.

Additional Services: General Research, Article Writing, Editing, Blog and Website Creation as well as Graphic Design, Photography and Film Work. Contacts. Business and Marketing Research. Evaluations, and Assessments. Consulting. I own and am proficient in the use of digital cameras, video cameras, tape recorders, and most surveillance equipment.

Personal Interests: I have a wide variety of personal interests and hobbies, including subjects I research, study and read-in regularly.

Science: Physics, Space Exploration, Genetics, Biology and Biochemistry, Chemistry, Medicine and Technology.

Business: Consulting, Brokerage, Networking, Start-Ups, Capital, Investment, Technology, and Research and Development.

Art: Writing, Graphic Art, Painting, Sketch work, Icons, Design and Architecture, Photography and Film.

Religion: Christianity, Christology, Theology, Comparative Religion, Morality, and Ethics.

My other personal interests include: Economics, Psychology, Law Enforcement, International Crime, Criminal Investigations, Military and Intelligence Affairs, Biography, and Politics.

I also assist on occasion with Disaster Relief, with Christian Relief and Mission Projects, and with various charities. I am active in my church and am a Christian. I write and compose music, including Art (classical), Jazz, Rock, Bluegrass, and Sacred Music and I also write song lyrics. I write three newsletters, redacted and excised versions of which appear on-line. I also write a personal blog, The Missal, and am founder of a Renaissance Project Blog, the Omniworks Generare.

Hobbies: My hobbies include Hiking, Camping, Photography, Cycling, Working Out, Throwing Discus, Gaming, Film, Reading, and Writing.


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